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Business Manager#

This feature is exclusive to VIP subscriptors!

2T1 can manage all your businesses autonomously.


While you're playing and doing other stuff, 2T1 will scan your businesses, resupply them, and once they're full, sell the goods and transfer you the money. 2T1 is able to manage your Biker Businesses, Bunker and Nightclub, and it can also keep the popularity of your Nightclub over 90%.

All these operations are handled autonomously in the background, without triggering any mission.

Using the Business Manager#

First, enable the manager. It will be always disabled by default, even if you save your settings.

The manager will scan your businesses, and after that, you can configure it to:

  • Resupply – whenever your Bunker runs out of supplies.
  • Improve Production – allowing your businesses to generate product faster.
  • Sell Stock – as soon as any business is full of product.
  • Show an overlay – with real-time information about the status of your businesses (supplies, product and amount of goods). You can change the position, size, color and alignment of the overlay as you wish.

Last update: 2020-11-28