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Weapon Options#

Weapon Modifiers

Weapon Modifiers#

Set different properties for your weapon ammo.

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Ammo#

Lets you shoot without consuming ammo. This feature won't affect vehicle weapons; use Infinite Rockets instead.

No Reload

No Reload#

Lets you shoot without reloading (excluding RPG, Homing Launcher, Up-n-Atomizer, Firework Launcher and Stun Gun).

No Spin-Up

No Spin-Up#

Lets you shoot Gatling weapons (such as the Minigun) without waiting for the barrels to start spinning.

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire#

Removes the delay between shots when a bullet weapon is fired semi-automatically.

Explosive Ammo

Explosive Ammo#

Makes bullets explode on impact. You can choose standard explosive rounds, or any other type of explosion.

Fire Ammo

Fire Ammo#

Makes bullets set the target on fire.

Weapon Management

Weapon Management#

Give yourself any weapon, or remove it from your inventory. Weapons will be arranged by category and displayed on your game language.

  • These weapons won't be kept permanently; you'll have to buy them.
  • If you already own a Mk II weapon, you can't use its Mk I variant.
Weapon Loadout

Weapon Loadout#

Set which weapons in your inventory will be shown in your weapon wheel. This will let you hide weapons that you don't use normally, without actually removing them.

Weapon Attachments

Weapon Attachments#

Customize the weapon that you're holding from this menu. Mods will vary, depending on the weapon.

[Auto] Refill Ammo

[Auto] Refill Ammo#

Refills ammo for all your weapons, either on activation, or constantly.

Deliver Ammo

Deliver Ammo#

Requests an ammo crate drop, just like you do by calling Merryweather.

Deliver Minigun

Deliver Minigun#

Gives you a Minigun full of ammo.

Mass Gravity Gun

Mass Gravity Gun#

Move stuff around with any weapon.

  1. Aim with your weapon to move around a gravitational object and attract nearby entities to it.
  2. Change the distance and the pull strength of the object as you wish.
  3. Stop aiming to drop stuff, or shoot to launch them to oblivion.
Teleport Gun

Teleport Gun#

Lets you teleport wherever you shoot.

Vehicle Gun

Vehicle Gun#

Shoots an Adder in the direction you're aiming.

Drive By With Two Handed Weapons

Drive By With Two Handed Weapons#

Lets you shoot from a vehicle using weapons that are held with two hands, such as carbines and rocket launchers.

Drive By From Any Automobile

Drive By From Any Automobile#

Lets you shoot from ground vehicles that normally restrict user weapons, such as weaponized cars.


Last update: 2020-12-13