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Manual Outfitter#

2T1 lets you customize your outfit piece by piece. Instead of going to a wardrobe or a shop and scrolling through all categories, you can edit the values of your clothing elements to get a granulated dressing experience.


While the game's built-in clothing system restricts certain clothing elements from being used together, the Manual Outfitter doesn't have these restrictions. You're free to make any combination of components, no matter how bizarre it turns out to be.

Decals (Crew emblem, NOOSE logo, etc) are not supported yet.

Using the Outfitter#

Here's a brief explanation of how clothing works in GTA:

  • Your outfit is made of many components (torso, legs, feet, etc).
  • Each component has many numeric values.
    For example, each value represents a different shirt.
  • Most of these components also have different variations, known as textures.
    For example, each texture represents a different color for a bike helmet.

You can increase or decrease the value of a certain component or texture, and the changes will apply automatically on your character. Each component, value and texture works in a different way, and many of them tend to have strange behavior, such as rendering your body transparent or having weird-looking colors (or even changing nothing at all, meaning that the value is empty). Feel free to play around, until you find the right values for the right elements.

Once you're done, save your outfit for later usage in the "Outfits" section of the Interaction menu, or with our Outfits feature. The latter has some perks over the game's built-in feature, while also lets you share your crafted outfit with other 2T1 users.

Last update: 2020-11-28